Friday, January 6, 2012

Resolve to be with your family!

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Previously, we have talked about the importance of spending quality time together as a family.  Many of you may have made resolutions to spend at least one day a week (or hour, or evening) together, talking and spending time as a family.  That quality time usually involves having the TV and computers OFF, and focusing on one another without allowing other distractions to steal away your precious moments with family.  This week, we want to provide you with a family activity to do during those “fun family moments!”

One of the best ideas I think I recently found on (but originally from was a brilliant idea to use something you probably already have in your home...Christmas Cards!  I always feel bad about throwing the cards away, after the Christmas season has ended, but never know what to do with them.  Conversations usually go something like this…
Should I save them for next year? 
Probably not. 
Should I file them away? 
What for? 

Usually I record the addresses in our address book and end up tossing them with guilt in my heart.  Well, NOT THIS YEAR! 

This year we will be developing a weekly “flip-book” with the Christmas Cards we received.  The flipbook will prompt us to pray together, as a family, for each of the families on the Christmas cards.  So, for example, this week we’ll be praying for the Shugart family, and next week, the Miller Family.  Get the idea?  I don’t have 52 Christmas Cards collected from this past Christmas season, (although you may!), so once we flip through each family, we’ll just start the flipbook over again. 

The best resolution you can make for 2012 is to resolve to allow your family to have your best!  It’s so easy for us to give our “best” to everyone else, that by the time we get home at the end of the day, we’re weary, exhausted, and just plain grumpy.  This year, why don’t you resolve to save some of your energy until the end of the day, and offer it to your family!  Whether it’s once a day, once a week, or twice a month I assure you it will be time well spent.  Resolve in 2012 to make your family your top priority, and when with them...Be All There!  Don’t just say it… choose to make 2012 the year that you live it out!

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