Monday, January 9, 2012

Cold Mythbusters

As a pre-teen, I would trot down the stairs in our home on a cold morning with wet hair.  Fresh out of the shower and often running late, it was not uncommon for me to cut time by not fully drying my hair.  My parents, with the best of intentions, would send me right back upstair to dry off.  Then came the familiar catch phrase, “You wouldn’t want to catch a cold.”  Winter in my childhood home was made up of this scene playing out over and over again.  This ingrained a belief that wet heads create wet noses.  Now, years later, it turns out standing in 40 degree weather with wet hair may be stupid, but it won’t give you a cold.

This is just one myth that the Huffington Post busted recently about colds.  In the midst of cold and flu season, there is apparently a lot of misinformation out there about how to prevent getting the sniffles.  For example, did you know that cold weather is not the cause of “getting a cold”?  Though common thought to be associated with the common cold, cold weather has gotten a bad wrap.  The weather is not a determining factor in weather or not you will catch the cold virus.

In a season when sickness is prevalent among much of the population, here are some other myths busted or proven by the Huffington Post…  Click Here

If you are like me, you are willing to go a little out of your way to prevent being taken out by the cold and flu season.  When it comes to our health, knowing the facts is always half of the battle.

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