Steve and Beth Browning are like any other family in today's topsy-turvy world. As the title of the blog suggests, they're trying to navigate the tight-rope of life without making the mistake of mis-stepping into misfortune. We don't claim to be perfect, but whatever nuggets of wisdom we come across, we're happy to share. 

Each day of the week, a difference principle topic will be covered. 
 They are as follows:
Monday - Health
Tuesday - Finance
Wednesday - Personal Growth
Thursday - Leadership
Friday - Family

We encourage you to share some of your own insights as you navigate the rope God has given to you.  If you have a tip or strategy that has helped you navigate the rope of life in one of the 5 areas we've listed, please email your tip (500 words or less, please!) to us at navigatingtherope@gmail.com.  We'll take a look at your tip, and you may be selected to have your strategy posted for everyone to read in the days to come!