Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Don't forget to track your progress!

Well, the first full week of 2012 is halfway over, and by now, you’re probably beginning to question those resolutions you made.  “Was it really worth it?”   “I’ve already messed up once…maybe I should just quit.”  “I haven’t even started yet…maybe I should just wait ‘till next year to start.”  These questions may be filling your brain, and doubts clouding your goals.  Assuredly, if they haven’t already, these doubts will soon come, as your 2011 routine has been altered as you try to accomplish your 2012 goals.  From personal experience I’ve found that there is only one way to keep you on track in accomplishing your new years resolution.  There’s only one way to really see them through to the end, and finish out 2012 proud of what you’ve accomplished.  Want to know what that one thing is?  Progress.

I’ve found that unless I feel like I’m making some sort of progress on my goals, I’ll give up on them.  Unless I see that the end is in sight, or that my hard work is actually paying off, I’m incredibly tempted to give up and go back to where I started.  That’s why recording your progress is a key essential to maintaining your goals.  So, the next question to ask, is based on your goal, what does that look like?

Well, if your goal is to loose weight, you need to first, determine exactly how much you plan to loose, (and how long you want to take to loose it!) and write it down.  Then, every single day you need to get on the scale.  (Preferably the same time every day, so that your weight doesn’t fluctuate incorrectly.  For instance, if you always weigh yourself before breakfast, it won’t encourage you at all to weigh yourself following a delicious Chicken Pot Pie dinner!)  Then, one more step… you need to write down your weight every day.  That way, you can watch your weight head toward your goal, and be encouraged at each “baby step” you make toward your goal.

If your goal is to read books this year, determine how many books.  Maybe 12 a year – that’s just 1 a month!  Write it down, and check it off as you read it!  You’ll be so encouraged as you watch your book list start from 12 and whittle its way down.

If your goal is to pay off your credit card debt, then write down your spending goal, and include every dollar you’re able to save and put toward that debt. 

Get the idea?  Write it down so that you can watch your progress!

I’ve included a free download for you to use as you track your progress (if you are trying to loose weight), but truly you can create a spreadsheet to track any of your individual goals.  You may even be able to find one online already created!  

Click HERE for your free 8-week weight loss journal download!

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