Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How Far Would You Go To Accomplish Your Dream?

Would you quit your day job?  Would you take the hit financially?  Would you go back to school?  This is a sampling of some of the big sacrifices we think about when it comes to accomplishing our dreams.  After all, big dreams often require big sacrifices.  These kinds of sacrifices take a great deal of personal courage and come after long seasons of prayer and thought.  For the dreamer, these kinds of sacrifices are a reality they are willing to pay.  However, there exists a whole series of smaller sacrifices that must be considered in accomplishing our dreams.

Think of it this way… For the one who desires to write a book, there is the daily discipline of writing, editing, sending in manuscripts, accepting critiques, working with literary agents.  For the one who desires to run a marathon, there is the reality of daily training, nutrition, and injury care.  For the one who desires to start a small business, there is the discipline of securing the initial investments, securing leases, hiring first employees, receiving and filling the first orders. 

These are small steps that lead to a greater reality.  Often, we make the mistake of counting the big costs of achieving our dreams without counting the smaller costs that will surely be a part of the journey.  You may be ready to sell it all for your dream, but are you ready to do diligence in the details required in bringing a vision into reality?  Are you willing to take the daily steps that will lead to your dream’s fruition? 

Maybe your next step is to sit down and write out a list of sacrifices big and small.  Think it through. Pray it through.  Then, with eyes wide open to the road ahead, commit to fulfill the dream God’s has placed on your heart.

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